6 month old puppy. general training and behavior advice

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I just re-homed a 6 month old Queensland Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog). I have had her for 4 days now. This will be a long read so thank you to anyone who can offer advice.

Her Description and behavior:

I met up with the previous family at the park (married couple with 8 and 5 year old boys). She was shy with me at first but she interacted well with the family. She warmed up to me a little and allowed me to pet her, ate dog food from my hand, she stood by my leg. She interacted well with a pitbull that was off leash. She looks very healthy. They said she was crate trained. Knew general commands like sit, stay, come. Didn't bark or dig. I liked her personality, and the family seemed nice and like they cared for her so I decided to take her home.

Once we made it to my house she was very scared, the minute the previous owner left she immediately peed on the floor. The first two days she didn't eat much and she was peeing when scared. I got a crate at petsmart and she went in it on her own, and she slept in it fine the first night (moved it to my room).

Since then she has really warmed up to me. She follows me everywhere, and she always wants me to rub her belly. She is happy laying near me whatever room I'm in. She is extremely happy when I get home from work. I take her on walks and bike rides. She does both fine without a leash, she will stop whatever she is doing when I say "no" and she will immediately come when I say "come here". She is generally calm and will just lay down, but she can also get very playful and run around and her legs get goofy.

She has been doing great and I think she will lover her new home. I got her set up on a plan at the vet and they are going to give her all her shots, flea prevention, and spay her when the time comes.

Potty training

I cant tell if she is potty trained. She has never flat out pee'd in the house, she piddles out of excitement and in the beginning fear. I take her out a few times every night but she never has to go. She has gone pee twice in the backyard and I praised her for it, but she does not do it on command when I say "go potty". She has only pooped in the backyard.

General training

She knows her name and "come here" very well, "stay" she does okay. The rest if iffy at best. I know there are links in the wiki, but is there a specific site or youtube that people recommend? I would like to have standard command list and hand signal as a guide so I and others can always do the same thing. Also she does not seem interested in treats. I got two different kinds at petsmart.


I live alone, So far she has only met a few friends and my parents. She has been very skeptical of them even in my home. I told them to not address her and allow her to approach them when she is ready, well she takes forever, and even then she doesn't have any interest in them unless they approach her. She actually barked and growled at my dad. I will give this time.

I have not had her meet any other dogs yet. I will have her meet my sisters dogs in a few weeks.

Playing & Fetch

She does not do either. She does not show interest in rough housing (she just lays on her back) I got her a few different toys and she does not show much interest. Kong: only became interested when I put peanut butter in it, and even then it was just to lick it out. Stuffed toy, ball, and rope: will put it in her mouth then drop it. She does like chewing on a flavored rawhide bone. I have tried showing her the toy. throwing it, saying "go get it" and running to the toy. she will chase me but not for the toy, when we get to the toy I put it by her mouth again and say "good girl"

One random thing that I would really like to correct

She will run/walk directly in front of me, she will cross sides, and she will sometimes get so close to my legs she touches them. how do I get her to stay on one side, and or keep a slightly further distance.

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