6 month old puppy and training regression. In need of words of encouragement!

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Hey everyone,

This week has been absolutely terrible in regards to my 6 month old GSD mix puppy in terms of training regression…. and it’s only Monday! 🙁

When I got home from work, I noticed there were pee stained paper towels in the garbage can (from the dog walker) which means that my pup had an accident at lunch time today. This hasn’t happened for months. In fact, with exception to this past weekend (he had multiple accidents with no warning) he hadn’t had a single accident inside for over a month. For a period of time he was letting me know when he needed to go out, but that has seemed to have stopped. And he just had another accident inside about ten minutes ago.

I took him for a 45 minute walk this evening to the park where I allow him to run around off leash. I’ve never had a problem with recall. A few hours later I took him to a large fenced in area near my apartment and let him off leash to play fetch, which is what I do almost every day. Again I’ve never had problems with recall. This evening was a different story. When it came time to go home, he REFUSED to come to me, and kept running off even though I gave up on chasing him. He then found an old plastic milk container (with old, crusty, MOULDY milk) and began to eat the old crusty milk, and would not come back. He ran off into the middle of the road and continued eating it. At this point I was getting worried he’d get hit by a car, so I basically chased him around my whole apartment complex trying to get him to come back. Eventually he stopped running and I was able to get his leash back on, but at this point I was really upset and so angry and embarrassed.

I feel like pulling my hair out because he had been doing SO well and it’s like in a matter of a few days he’s completely regressed. I feel SO awful.

The last time he was like this I had to put him into a boarding kennel for a few nights (I had to travel for work that week and couldn’t bring him) and when I got him back he was a completely different dog. I kind of want to try it again but I feel bad about considering it. I shouldn’t have to be away from him for a night or more to be able to deal 🙁

Has anyone else had experience with this? How did you handle it?

Thank you.

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