6 month old pup tries to eat EVERYTHING

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I have a 6 month old female Dalmatian puppy who, understandably, is curious about everything in reach. She used to just always pick things up, see if it were chewable to her standards and then drop it…. things like pine cones or socks or whatever happened to be there. I tried letting her just be a pup within reason by letting her explore stuff and made a point to discourage some things like clothing but not so much to leaves, etc. BUT now she tries to swallow literally everything she picks up. I literally just had to pull a sock out of her throat an hour ago (she stole it while I was folding laundry) and luckily I caught it before she swallowed it. This is happening with EVERYTHING. I’ve since been trying to teach “drop it” and “let go” (regrettably didn’t do this sooner), but she makes a game out of it instead and it’s making me nervous. Help?

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