6 month old not sleeping and has started attacking cats

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My pup's a little over six months old, and has recently picked up some bad behavior.

She'd been sleeping in bed with my husband and I throughout the night for a few months. A few days ago, she started jumping out of the bed after we put her there for the night, even though she had previously been sleeping soundly on the couch. She's been staying in her crate for the night, but not getting any sleep. I can hear her move about and occasionally whine throughout the night.

Then today, I noticed a large abscess on one of my cats. The puppy had bit him hard enough to wound him (unfortunately, it's Sunday night in my timezone, and there are no animal hospitals nearby. We're taking the cat to the vet first thing in the morning). Not long after I discovered this, the pup barked and lunged at another cat. She is currently in her crate

I'm going to train the pup "leave it" as soon as I get home tomorrow, but is there anything I can do to get her to sleep through the night again? Absolutely nothing in her schedule has changed, and she's just as active during the day as she had previously been. Are these incidences related, or is this some form of teenage rebellion that she'll grow out of? Any help or guidance would be appreciated, thank you.

P.S. She's a dachsund/terrier/beagle mix, if that helps.

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