6 month old maremma attacking the older dog she grew up with: help!

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In January, I brought home a Maremma puppy.

Her parents are beautiful working dogs that are also family dogs. They have the dynamic of 3 females to one male. From what I saw on many visits, they all get along, with only the exception of when the male tried to mate an uninterested lady!

I had grand dreams of socialization with my girl. She has always lived with my husband's dog since coming home. He is also a big breed, but a mix. He essentially looks like an extra beefy rottweiler.

While living with us our girl is not a working dog. However she is in a very large backyard (an old style block). The breeder has also had other dogs go to more suburban homes with success. She happily tells people of their homes aren't suitable, and I personally witnessed her do this.

I feed meaty bones in two meals over the day. There is always excess food. I do this consciously as I thought it'd stop any food aggression before it even started. I was wrong.

She's a lovely dog. Her guarding instinct is very obvious. She finally got a neighbours cat who used to meow endlessly in out front yard every few months to go away!

But for no reason, she guards myself and the kids from hubbys dog. He is NOT allowed near us. I have no idea why, and trying to intervene just seemed to escalate it from the start.

I've previously had two dogs (funnily also female?) Behave similarly, but not quite as bad, and was pretty quickly able to make them stop. I wonder if I was more able then as I was younger, more fearless, didn't have kids etc?

So essentially my issues are she is massively food aggressive towards him, and doesn't let him near his people.

If I feed them in seperate areas, she guards both. I don't have anywhere to actually seperate them (rental, not allowed inside) short of tying one up while the other eats. Honestly I don't think thatd hold her, anyway.

If I try and distract her while I pat hubby's dog, including by giving her excess love and sneakily patting him, she looses it.

She's never shown aggression towards myself or the kids, but she is terrible to the other dog. Of course it also makes you wonder if one day we will also be on the receiving end.

He is a very mellow boy, much older, he does fight back but he never starts it.

I'm sort of at a loss of where to even start? I don't want to rehome her, but I suspect my husband will start suggesting it soon if he has to keep watching his boy be bullied, badly. I couldn't blame him.

I appreciate that this community is quite positive reinforcement based.

Can I please have some assistance on where to even start?

I understand they're a working breed and not so inclined to bow down to humans. I've wanted a Maremma for a good 20 years. Seeing her parents and other older siblings in suburbia had me feeling confident, I'm not sure where it's gone wrong. We live semi rural, and while she doesn't have a farm to guard, she has lots of space and excercise.

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