6 month old lab will fetch ball but then drop it immediately for sticks and other things he can eat instead

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I always have a treat waiting for him when he brings back the ball, but nowadays he’ll run after the ball, grab it and then immediately drop it so he can eat sticks and grass and stuff in the park. And he won’t come back when called. If I’m so lucky and he brings the ball back to me, he’ll drop it 5 feet away from me and continue towards me as though he did the fetching and now wants a treat. Help? How do I get him to want to bring back the ball to my feet? Also he won’t. Stop. Eating. Sticks. On Our Walks. And in the park. Help x2 ? He knows leave it and drop it quite well but I’m the crazy person yelling “leave it!” and “drop it!” 50 times in my neighbourhood.

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