50 Puppies Found Packed In Overnight Van As Pet Store Denies Abuse

The sound of yipping and sobbing coming from a van parked behind a New Jersey pet store led to the uncovering of more than 50 puppies carried in small-time enclosures inside, governments said.

The startling find, amid freezing temperatures around 3 a.m. Monday, resulted in allegations of animal abuse, with some puppies described as seen contained within feces and without food and water.

But the Paramus store’s owner, who faces prior animal cruelty accusations related to one of his four “Just Pups” locatings, says he’s innocent of all claims.

“There’s no crime against us. There’s no trauma, ” Vincent LoSacco, 50, told the Huffington Post Tuesday.

LoSacco, who in February was hit with 267 animal brutality accuses related to his East Brunswick store, didn’t deny that the puppies had been left overnight in the van, saying they had just arrived from Missouri. But he argued that the vehicle was specially designed for such provided abides and was equipped with a propane-powered opening heater.

Paramus Police
A wall of enclosures used to hold puppies is seen in a photograph taken from insidethevan that police seizedMonday.

He further argued that the officers didn’t take the van’s internal temperature until after an unlocked side door was opened, generating the hot to escape.

“There’s no constitution that says you can’t leave puppies or dogs or an animal in a vehicle overnight. The law is necessary that you can’t leave them in inhumane circumstances in a vehicle, ” LoSacco alleged. “The dogs prior to the driver leaving had full meat, full sea, and the independent heating gang ranging before the operator left.”

Come 7 a. m ., he announced an employee would arrive to fetch the puppies inside. A veterinarian was scheduled to scrutinize them at 10:30.

Paramus police, who declined to comment Tuesday when reached during HuffPost, shared photos of the window-less van and the dogs’ stacked cages.

Paramus Police
Police say the van was equipped with a seat heater that was is inadequate to heat the van, as temperatures dipped into the 30 s.

Police Chief Kenneth Ehrenberg, speaking to local mediaMonday, articulated dominions determined the puppies jam-pack two to four to a crate. Some didn’t have room to stand up, he said.

LoSacco said the cages are designed to keep offsprings together and have ample room for movement.

As far as faecal matter comprising some of the animals, LoSacco was contended that when police carried away his van, it was at one point slanted at a 45 -degree angle — potentially justification puppies to slither into any faecal matter that hadn’t fallen into washes beneath their wire cages.

Paramus Police
Thevan police say they impounded to areas outside a Paramus pet accumulate early Monday morning.

After afterward being called by police to unlock the van’s back doubled entrances, he said he personally watched police remove some of the remaining animals.

“Those puppies were very clean, exceedingly vibrant, and just a bit daunted from their flatbed move. Not from a regular trip, ” he said.

Carol Tyler, animal brutality sleuth of Tyco Animal Control Services, said the dogs were taken in by their shelter and that the majority of members are either doing “really well” or are on medication for kennel cough or “other puppy-related issues.”

She said their investigation is still ongoing and that lawyers plan to press unspecified accusations. At this time , none of the puppies are up for adoption.

Paramus Police
Two puppies that police “says hes” removed from a vehicle that was left parked overnight amid freezing temperatures.

“If they go up with a view to its adoption, additional questions is likely to be exhausted on who to contact on how to adopt, ” she said.

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office did not immediately recall a request for comment.

LoSacco’s stores abode open Tuesday, with him saying that they have not informed of tells to close, as local reportshave claimed.

He said the Board of Health inspected his Paramus store on Monday and checked 93 hounds “and didn’t find any problems.” There were three bird-dogs whose paunches were described as a bit big-hearted, he suggested, and he was instructed to have them measured for worms.

Paramus Police
Several puppies are looked curling up together after police say they were taken from a van Monday.

Amid the abuse allegations, LoSacco’s son, Joey LoSacco, said the stores’ staff members shall be duelling death threats.

On the store’s Facebook page, some customers show fastening them in cages.

“All the supermarkets , not just the owner, ” Joey LoSacco, who was participating in the Paramus store Tuesday, told HuffPost. “The store’s Facebook has just been going straight-up threats.”

He added that he’d expected local TV report crews to stop filming the employees’ faces for safety reasonableness.

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