5 y/o pit bull becoming more and more aggressive

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My boyfriend has a 5 year old pit bull. We’ve been together for a little over a year now and her behavior is just getting worse and worse and we’re not sure what to do. I figured it might be like a possessive thing because before me it was just them and now we live together. She wasn’t really “disciplined” at all as a puppy, in fact he always gives her treats when she starts misbehaving which I feel plays a huge factor. My main issue is why she can relax with us for several hours but will randomly stare me down and start growling as if she wants to attack? She’s never bitten me but she has jumped on me in this state attempting to. She has bitten others before. This is very new as she’s been perfectly fine for like 9 months of our relationship. Lately her attempts to “attack” have become more frequent and it can be scary when it’s just her and i alone at the house. She’s a very vocal dog and will bark and jump until she gets what she wants. Is there anything we can attempt to change this behavior?

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