5 month old puppy will not stop pulling on his leash!! I have tried everything I’ve seen recommended here/puppy101 with 0 progression

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My puppy is a border collie. He’s 5 months old, around 17kg so not massive but definitely chunky for his age/breed. He’s getting stronger every day and at the moment I believe the only reason he hasn’t jumped in front of a car is due to my strength being (only just) more than his and I know this may change as he gets larger.

For weeks now our half hour morning walks are taking triple that length of time because all the way to the park I stop, I call him back, mark, reward and praise as soon as the leash loosens. So our walks go like this: I take a step, he pulls to the end of the leash, I stop, call him, he returns to me, when the leash loosens I take an step, he runs to end of the leash, I stop, call him etc etc over and over. He seems to be starting to get that he has to come back when he reaches the end but rather than a consistent loose leash it’s just stopping and starting constantly.

I’ve tried the method of turning around and walking the other direction and then as soon as the loose is leash swinging back around and carrying on… this is supposed to be a more efficient method but he gets so excited about me turning around again that he properly runs to the end of the leash, proper tugging me.

Alongside roads I hold the part of his leash that has a handle right by where it’s attached at the harness so I can hold him near me, but again, he’s not choosing to walk right beside me, I’m holding and straining my arm holding him in place the whole time.

As a tiny puppy he would try and chase every car, now I’ve desensitised him loads and he hardly ever does it, but it still happens occasionally which is terrifying for me because at that point it’s just my strength over his.

His training is amazing in most other ways. He’s so good “off leash” (I still attach a 30ft leash just incase but never need it, only there for safety of potential reactive dog etc) always keeps his eyes on my and stays nearby, perfect recall. His trick training is so good, he’s so obedient out in public just sits by my chair when I’m at a pub or a park..

It’s just the leash pulling. I hate walking him now. I want to give up.

Any tips apprecieted

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