5 month old puppy jumping and mouthing during walks

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I have a 5 month old golden retriever. Over the past month, he’s started jumping and biting/mouthing me in the middle of walks. I’ve tried ignoring him/turning into a tree, but then he bites at my clothes and rips them.

I’ve tried sitting and taking a break, but then as soon as we start walking he will start this behavior again.

I’ve tried taking a toy for him to chew on, but he ignores it.

I don’t believe he’s tired, as it will happen during a short walk. Sometimes it definitely starts up when he’s frustrated by something. For example, when he’s not allowed to play with a dog he knows because they are out on a walk and it’s not playtime, or if I don’t let him play in the river if we are walking near it. It’s clear in these instances he really wants to do something (he will try to lead me to the water), then when I don’t allow it he starts jumping.

Again, other times the behavior starts randomly. Other than this behavior, he is a sweet, wonderful boy.

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