5 month old puppy having accidents in crate

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I currently have an almost 5 month old chocolate lab puppy. He has been with me for a little over a month and a half now and has been sleeping in his crate since day 1 with no issues other than minor separation anxiety in the beginning. However, for the past few weeks the whining has stopped and he is perfectly fine with being in his kennel. He had never had any accidents in his kennel until this week, which he has had two (two days apart from each other). He is taken out at around 10-11 every night and again at around 7-8 in the morning the next day. These two accidents have both happened within 5 hours of him going out to go potty. Both accidents have been kind of loose stools (not diarrhea, but definitely not a solid stool). I’m thinking this might just be a case of an upset stomach due to some different treats I have been giving him to train, but I am wondering if anyone has had similar experiences with puppies around this age. My main concern is that I don’t want this to become a habit if it’s a behavioral issue. However, I’m also not sure if I need to make a trip to the vet to make sure he isn’t sick or anything. He has been acting totally normal throughout the day and doesn’t show any signs of sickness, and also hasn’t had any accidents in the house. Any advice would be much appreciated if anyone has experienced something similar in the past.

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