5 month old, get rid of the crate or give it another go

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Our big man (labrador) is nearly 5 months old, and whilst he is generally a perfect little pup, one thing we really messed up on was crate training. Whenever the door was shut he would go crazy and we never really persevered beyond about 30 seconds on the whole close wait reward open thing.

So whilst he’ll occasionally go in his crate to chill, it’s not being used to contain him, and when we tried putting his bed outside the crate he seemed just as happy going on it there.

So my question is is it worth ditching the crate? It’s quite a massive thing in the living room which doesnt really serve a purpose at the moment. Or should we try crate training again now hes a bit more mature? Despite being in the middle of teething he doesn’t chew furniture (he’s somehow learnt to just chew toys) even when left alone (up to 3.5 hours at a time). And he hasn’t had an accident in the house for a good 6 weeks. Will the furniture chewing start at some point making he crate worthwhile? Or are there other advantages to getting him used to a crate? Thanks!

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