5 month old dog won’t stop barking in his crate.

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I need some major help here. We have a 5 month old Aussie who absolutely will not stop barking in his crate. We got him right at 2 months, and immediately started crate training. Of course, we had the standard barking and crying that comes with it, and that was fine. Eventually, he learned that it doesn’t get him let out of his crate. He was good for awhile, would occasionally act up but nothing we couldn’t handle. We abide by the rule that he doesn’t get let out while he barks, as it just reinforces the bad behavior.

This past couple of weeks, though, it’s like we suddenly lost any sort of progress we’d previously made. He’ll be okay at night, maybe barking for 10~ minutes before calming down. But, as soon as it’s daylight, he will incessantly bark. I mean for hours on end. He might stop for a bit, but he always starts back up after a little while. I have no idea what triggered this sudden behavior, but it’s driving me, my boyfriend, and our roommate (and I’m sure our neighbors as we’re in an apartment) absolutely crazy. We can ignore him all we like, he just doesn’t stop.

Please help us. I love this dog with all of my heart but I’m sleep deprived and at my wit’s end.

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