5 month old allergies

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Hey guys, first time posting here. Been following for awhile and got through puppy blues cause of y’all!!

So my shih tzu/Bichon mix is now 5 months old. We discovered he had allergies due to having two ear infections already, skin rashes and lots of obsessive paw licking. Because he’s only 5 months my vet recommended switching his food so I’ve been seeking some good quality food without chicken (to see if chicken is the culprit). I’ve tried Simply Nourish limited ingredient but my puppy hated that. Now I’m trying to mix in Merrick Beef and Sweet Potato to his regular Royal Canin puppy food which he’s been eating like a champ since we got him. However, he’s not really wanting to eat kibble for some reason anymore.

We do not give him any human food. He may find stuff here and there on the floor but that’s it. He also has been to my grandmas for few days (we were on vacay) and I suspect she may have given some human food. Yesterday he ate about 1/3 of a cup of food the whole day. He wouldn’t even touch his dinner. Today he ate about 2 mouthfuls of his breakfast and is walking around looking for other food (and grumbling about it…I think). I don’t know what to do. He is still interested in treats and bully sticks tho.

I’m thinking I might try giving him just the royal canin and get him the allergy pills the vet suggested (and then change food at adulthood) or do I stick it out, and see if he starts eating the kibble again? I know puppies need nutrition at this age.

Bt the way: my puppy used to DEVOUR his food. I had to get him a slow feeder because he inhaled the food in a matter of seconds. So this behaviour is very bizarre to me.

Also If anyone has suggestions on brands I could try? I’ve even been considering raw or home cooked food? I just don’t know enough about it.

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