5 mo Bernese peeing on new dog bed

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We brought home our Bernese puppy in July. She has not had any indoor accidents in a good month and a half. I bought her a new dog bed from Costco and she slept on it the first night, and then the following day she peed on it. It was surprising because she has been so good at standing at the back door to show us she needs to go outside. I removed the cover and washed it even though the urine soaked all the way through (she’s already pushing 50lbs, so it was a lot of pee). I set up the bed again and kept an eye on her… Sure enough, a couple hours later I caught her squatting down and managed to stop her mid stream. Any insight into why she decided to pee on her new bed? Was it a territory thing? I guess I’m just throwing the whole thing away now since it’s soaked with dog pee.

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