5 Dark And Gritty Sequels To Goofy Video Games

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Most video game series are built around pure-hearted heroes battling to right certain kinds of wrong and accompany joy back to the world. However, as gamers ripened, developers tried to do the same. Unfortunately, sometimes they mistook “maturity” for “pointlessly dark, ” and transmitted some moderately lighthearted competition franchises directly to hell. Like with …


Darkspore , The Blood-Drenched Sequel To Spore Nobody Asked For

2008’s Spore wasn’t the groundbreaking achievement in entertainment its developer, publisher, and certain comedy websites hyped it up to be. It was a game that let you take a single-celled beast and evolve it into a star-spanning civilization while having almost no fun at any point during the course of its pilgrimage. But as long as you didn’t carefully design your Spore monsters to look like two men having sex or a horde of penis( which of course we all did ), it was a family friendly exploration of life and evolution.

So naturally, when it is a matter era for EA to wring a sequel out of the game’s unloved corpse, their first and only thought was “Let’s make the cute little creations disembowel each other.”

Electronic Arts “We’re calling it Darkspore for now, but we can top that.” — private developers, who absolutely could not top that

Set years after the events of the first activity, Darkspore witnesses innumerable Spore species transformed into violent, insane demons that kill everything in sight. They have been infected with a virus called E-DNA that proceeded from planet to planet, causing … You just knowing that? It’s genuinely not worth illustrating. The extent is, you’re no longer constructing a cute monster and watching it develop; you are building a exterminate machine and watching it tear apart its enemies.

Darkspore is so miserable that it even retcons the first play to be miserable. It turns out that in Spore , you weren’t a gracious deity nudging life toward enlightenment. You were a part of the Crogenitors, a hasten of bored super immigrants playing god to amuse themselves. They captured and experimented on less developed species, and exclusively remained the deadliest to be slaves. If you’re a fan of the first competition, you is not simply have to deal with every critic in the world telling you how wrong you were, but you also now catch out you’ve been some space dick this whole time.

Shockingly, taking a kid-friendly game about formation and calling all of its musicians brutal assholes didn’t go over well. The game’s servers were shut down in early 2016.


Jak And Daxter Went From Wacky Action Romp To “Gritty” GTA Clone

Jak And Daxter was Naughty Dog’s spiritual successor to Crash Bandicoot , and while it may have swapped out Crash for a seat elf with a snarky sidekick, it was the same crate-hopping merriment for all ages.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Its making deed was Mascot& Mascot: Largely The Same Game .

There were no artilleries. These people still resorted to the old-fashioned “stomp your foes until the world is saved” programme devised by Italian plumbers decades before. The game was a success, but something happened between Jak And Daxter and Jak II that would end up changing the serial eternally. That something was the release of GTA 3 . It seems private developers of Jak II accompanied the carjackings, open nature, and many, numerous artilleries and expect, “What if we attained precisely this? ” So they tried.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Its labouring entitle was Let’s Copy A Different Game Now .

In the sequel, Jak and Daxter are heavily armed, and instead of jump-start and bopping, there’s vehicular manslaughter. Of direction everything there is takes lieu in a world of gritty savagery and hardship. For instance, we learn that the evil Baron Praxis has spent the last two years torturing the main reputation by gushing him full of something called Dark Eco. And not for any complicated ground; Praxis’ endgame is apparently exactly to kill him. He seems genuinely forestalled with how Jak isn’t dead after two years of poison.

Sony Interactive Entertainment “If simply there was any other space to kill anything! “

Jak himself travels from a lovable soften to an insult-slinging badass. And even that wasn’t enough, so they acquainted a persona called Dark Jak, a meaner version than the already-meaner brand-new Jak.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

And to be clear, this isn’t Jak And Daxter gameplay with some evolve themes and Grand Theft Auto affects. It is a top-to-bottom GTA clone in which you drive around in stolen gondolas mowing down pedestrians.

Sony Interactive Entertainment To its recognition, it is five or six hoofs higher off the ground than GTA .


Advance Wars Sort Of Realized War Is Pretty Grim

The first entry in the Advance Wars line was an adorable strategy activity about a cute son exterminating cute adversaries with cute containers and cute soldiers.

Nintendo “Let’s have a terrific war, gang! “

And then we got Advance Wars: Dates Of Ruin , which it seems was made after private developers watched a litter of puppies starve to death in their firm cafeteria. The sunny, brightly colored personas from the first tournament are nowhere to be seen. Instead it’s a drab accumulation of dead-eyed murderers.

Nintendo “Let’s have a horrific war, mob! “

The colorful cartoonish backgrounds are exited, amended by replacing bomb-blasted wastelands. Date Of Ruin is set in the post-apocalyptic hellscape continuing after a comet, earthquakes, squalls, and a nuclear holocaust teamed up to kill 90 percent of the world’s population. And what does the remaining 10 percent do? They instantly start another war. So instead of a bunch of recreation combats with smiling commandants, it’s the last of humanity sadly killing itself off.

And the plot itself adds to the agony with disloyalty, hangings, and gratuitous acts of cruelty. Here’s a enjoyable one!

Nintendo “Oh, by the way, unrelated to all this armed conflict, I Slaughter THE MAYOR WITH POISON.”

Among the brand-new cast of characters is a Mengele-like scientist who starts struggles alone to see what happens. He mainly applies biological and chemical weapons, adding that much-needed Nazi element to this already weirdly grisly game. This used to be a series about a son being the best tank captain he could be by trying his best and believes in himself. Now it’s a totalitarian loony rotating a croaking macrocosm to a poisoned mass grave.

Nintendo “Hmm … I predict parties dislike it when you kill their friends. I’ll add it to my memoes! “