5 Creepy News Stories That Aren’t Getting Enough Attention

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I know life can be tough. That’s why every now and then we here at Cracked like to remind you that it isn’t as stark as it seems. Despite what the word likes to report, most people are good, the world can be a nice residence, and there are plenty of happy fibs out there that don’t get enough coverage.

Sorry, but this isn’t one of those times.

# 5. Kesha Is Forced To Toil With A Producer She Alleged Of Assault

Ke$ ha was your standard pa singer. She had a few big hits and then exactly kind of went away. So far, the story of thousands of dad princesses. No one genuinely seemed concerned about her being proceeded; it’s not like Beyonce or Adele abruptly went missing from the charts. Plus, it was hard to care too much about a person who has employed a dollar sign in her name.

And who culturally appropriated from our native brightnes tribe .

But then suddenly Kesha( she did eventually sag the dollar sign) was back in the news, and now if she wants to change her figure to The Artist Formerly Known as Ke$ ha, I will support her, because of the reason she’s stopped registering. Basically, she had a contract that was forcing her to work together with her accused rapist, make Dr. Luke.

I should probably be clear that the lawsuit I’m talking about is NOT about if Dr. Luke did sexually assault her, and that he has never been convicted of any misdemeanour along those lines. But whatever happened between them, it was enough for Kesha to risk her occupation by confronting a guy with a lot of strength in the sector and by refusing to record with him.

I’m starting to think this guy isn’t even a real doctor .

As her solicitor pointed out, the average vocation duration of a pop wizard is a duo years total. To go away for any section of experience could be musical suicide. But her contract fastened her into recording under Dr. Luke’s label, which in turn works for Sony. A magistrate had to decide if she could break that contract so she could enter away from the man she accused of abusing her and verbally mistreating her.

Because this article is not named “5 Happy And Joyous Things Happening In The News( And Likewise Some Puppies ), ” you probably know where this is going. The magistrate decided that a business contract was more important that Kesha detecting comfy in her workplace. Since then several famous female singers who have worked with Dr. Luke have stimulated very carefully worded accounts about how he might not be the most wonderful guy.

And if you’re still not sure who to side with, Dr. Luke’s sister gave an exclusive to the Daily Mail professing his innocence. I think that pretty much summarizes it up.

# 4. A Hotel Patron Recorded Erin Andrews Changing

What if I told you that Cracked had some cutting-edge engineering, and that we’ve taken over your webcam and been preserving you for the last four and a half instants. Have you done anything embarrassing? Picked your snout? Maybe you’re naked. Even if you are fully clothed “youre supposed to” don’t wanted to go footage getting online.

And all we want is $1,000 and little bit of that cake you’re ingesting .

When you’re alone in your dwelling, you should feel safe that people aren’t watching you. And inns are just a home away from dwelling. But things disappeared drastically wrong for sportscaster Erin Andrews when two different inns she was staying at committed sufficient information to her stalker that he was able to payment the chambers next to her and adapt the holes so he could record her changing. Then he made that footage online, where it ran viral. This was lane back in 2009, when disappearing viral on the internet usually committed Digg and/ or an actual computer virus. So it was a big deal.

Fortunately, the peeping Tom was sentenced to two and a half years in prison. And after a lawsuit against the inns, Andrews was awarded $55 million( although she just settled with them for an unknown amount ). But just like the Fappening or that time your mom put your seventh-grade school depict on Facebook supported , good-for-nothing on the internet ever goes away.

DO NOT depart looking for the footage, or your grandparents will be very disappointed .

So while Andrews could probably buy a house in every city she needs to stay in from now on with the money she won from the suit, she’s never going to be able to get her privacy completely back. And you’ll probably never stay in a inn without checking the peephole again.

# 3. Peyton Manning Testified His Junk To A Trainer, Devastated Her Career

Everyone who has played plays known to be locker rooms can get a bit humorous, what with all the strong humen showering together and clicking towels and … that IS what happens, right? Do not ruin this fantasy for me.

But even athletes wondering where the line is, and back in 1996 Peyton Manning crossed it big time.

No , not like that .

He was a student at the University of Tennessee at the time, and a tutor named Jamie Ann Naughright was questioning his hoof. During such courses of its further consideration, he started asking her personal questions, seemingly trying to ask her out. When she diverted him down, he attracted down his breathes and pressed both his testicles and bare ass to her appearance. Then he sat on her. Now, I might not have a degree in Kinesiology, but I don’t think that is necessary to figure out “whats wrong” with someone’s foot.

Since colleges always take sexual assault allegations toward hotshot quarterbacks gravely, Manning’s punishment was losing his advantage to eat in the player’s dining room and having to run at 6 a.m. for two whole weeks!

Eat with the peasants? Why not just employed him in the stocks while you’re at it ?

So why am I bringing up something that, while horrid, happened 20 years ago? Because for Naughright, the experience never went away. I don’t precisely aim she has to live with it the rest of their own lives; I intend it retains get brought up, and she suffers from it. First Manning mentioned it in his 2000 autobiography, and she sued him for defamation of character over that notebook in 2003 after it made her to lose her new profession. Then she sued him again in 2005 for transgressing the terms of their arrangement by talking about it in a documentary. And then every time he made it to the Super Bowl, someone would drag it up again. As recently as February it was back in the news, when a person at ESPN actually got their hands on the observes made by the person who took her call at a sex crime centre right after it happened. That should be encouraging to read for anyone who has been harassed.

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