5 am and starving – how can I break this habit?

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Our 12 wk Goldendoodle wakes at 4:55 on the nose. I take him out to do his business, then back in the crate. Incessant whining/barking. It doesn’t let up, and eventually I have to wake up for the day and let him out, even if he’s still barking. If I wake at 5 with him he will just bark at me, run to his bowl, bark more, until I feed him. I tried just putting him on our bed at 5 thinking he just wants some company and he’ll go back to sleep. Nope, barking until fed. I tried moving dinner time later (7:15) to keep him satiated, but it didn’t help. Will this just be a battle of the wills until I break him of the habit? I really just want him to sleep another hour, till 6.

He only barks when he wants in/out of a room or he’s hungry so I know for sure the barking means “feed me now” in these situations.

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