5-6 mo. old SATO puppy – Training

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Hi All!

My wife and I have decided to rescue a puppy instead of getting a pure bred German shepherd. We figured as first time owners in our adult life, maybe we were a little too over our head. We were looking on the internet for pups and we came across CJ.

A little bit about him: Saved from Puerto Rico 5-6 months old puppy Friendly Good with other dogs and people

Got to meet him over the weekend and had a couple things that stood out:

He was friendly but shy. The good is he didn't have the need to hide under the table or run off. The space was small for 6 people. He greeted me with a slow wagging tail and gave me lots of kisses within i'd say the first 5 minutes of meeting him. He started teething on my finger (not hard) and tugged at my sweater all while being in my lap. made his rounds by saying hi to foster mom, my wife, somewhat to my parents who stayed in the back blocking off the rest of the space.

Walking him was a bit of a nightmare. The foster parent and/or day care, got him used to being carried to the park since he is afraid of the loud noises in NYC. I wanted to see for myself and asked for them to put him down to walk and they did. He was looking for a place to run, however, he did keep his head low, sniffing the ground, stopping to investigate, greeted two dogs on our path and wanted to say hi to strangers. However, his tail was still between his legs the entire time. a bus came by and he froze. I went to pick him up then put him back down to continue our walk, no growl, no shaking, no biting. The rescue group said once he gets inside the park where there's a little less noise, he is wonderful. There is a picture of him with his tail up in the park _^

We were looking for an outgoing friendly pup. With rescues and shelter dogs, i feel like you don't know what you're going to get until you spend the time and patience with them. My question is, is there hope that he will become a social butterfly with the right guidance, time and love? He seems to WANT to do so but might be conditioned to act a certain way because of all the spoiling? Any suggestions and/or recommendations would be great and truly appreciated! We are excited for this guy and want to give him all the love and time he needs.

PICS: https://imgur.com/a/NXNfI44

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