5.5 month old puppy won’t poop outside

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Our puppy has decided that our kitchen is the best spot for her evening business. She will pee outside all day no problem, poop outside in the morning, but when it comes to evening poops specifically, she wants to poop in the kitchen. Tonight for example. we took her out every 1/2 hour to hour around her normal evening poop time…and repeated this 5 times with no poop. She pooped this morning, ate/drank typically, and had a typical energy level. She also whined by the baby-gate separating her from the kitchen (she whines by the stairs by our backdoor when she needs to pee, so it seems like she is trying to give us a separate signal for #2)

Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do for a pup with a very short attention span but seemingly endless bowel control? I love that pup, but this is getting really old really fast.

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