5.5 month old alone for 7 hours twice a week? Help with schedule ideas

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I have a 5.5 (aprox as she is a rescue) month old small mixed breed pupper.

Until now my boyfriend stayed with her at home but he will be soon starting a full time job and will be leaving at 8.15am and returning 6.45pm.

I have a very flexible job but two days a week I need to be in the office for at least 6 hours. I can come in anytime from 7 to 12. I'm thinking several schedule options to make it work for our pup on those days.

As background, she is 90% potty trained to go on pads/newspaper in our laundry room (this is our goal, she does her business outside on walks but we intend for her to always have an indoor option as we live in a high rise and getting an elevator sometimes takes forever). She only sometimes pees in front of the laundry room's door if she finds it closed and we don't immediately teleport to open it for her when she asks, but she is getting better at waiting for us to get there lol. She is not crate trained, but used to occasionally being left alone in one room of the house for up to 5 hours with no destruction nor accidents. She also regularly holds it at night for 7-8hs.

Soo options I'm considering:

I walk her early in the morning and leave around 8.30ish. I can be back at 3.30. This leaves her alone for 7 hours.

I go to work extra early, say arriving at 7.30 and get back around 2. She'd still be alone for about 6 hours and her morning walk should be super short.

I go to work extra late, say at 12 ish and get back at 6. She'd still be 6 hours alone.

Coming home at lunch to let her out and walk her. I'm 30 min away so this would add 1 hour round trip to my commute which seems expensive and tiresome, but I'd do it for her if needed.

A walker or relative coming in is not an option.

If she were alone for 7 hours we could leave the door for the laundry room open so she has access to the puppy pad.

What do you think? I'm leaning to the 7 hour option because it seems like the others are a hassle without a significant reduction in her alone time, but I'm open to other suggestions or coming back at lunch if it's too long for her at this point.

Thanks a bunch!

And puppy tax

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