4mo puppy thinks everything is hers. Steals other dogs food & treats, jumps & barks/whines until given what she wants. Help please

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We got our border terrier mix puppy when she was 8 weeks and she’s about 4 months old now. We have a 5 year old male dog who we’ve had since he was young.

She’ll leave his food alone if you stand there and watch her and tell her no, but if you give him a treat she will take it from him even if she has her own. She’ll drop her treat and bark at him until he gives it to her. If I pick him up, she’ll jump and bark at me. When she jumps, she jumps up with all 4 paws off the ground and often falls landing on herself. If I pet him, she runs over and tries to push him out the way.

Whenever any food is around, the puppy begs, barks, and again jumps off all fours almost as if she’s trying to grab it off the counter. I’m (22) living with my parents and my mom has made it a habit to give the puppy table food every time she’s in the kitchen, allowing the puppy to jump up and grab it out her hand. Now, the dog further expects that everything is to be given to her & that the jumping/whining/barking is acceptable. Puppy is very food motivated and immediately begins the jumping and barking. She will follow commands (sit, wait, no)

How can I address this behavior with training so she understands she doesn’t get to have everything? Thanks.

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