45 days old pug puppy won’t stop biting

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Please excuse mistakes, English isn't my first language. We got him (Zoro) recently and due to situations we had to bring him at this young. He's a sweet boy and quite smart too. But, he won't stop biting. We tried saying ouch, no, and yelping, he used to stop at times but now he doesn't. I read about the trick in which we're supposed to put food in a bowl and cover it with a hand, and not move it until the pupper stops biting. But the problem is that, he doesn't bite in the first place. He licks and licks but never bites. He has two toys, one in the shape of an egg and another of a ring. We even tried redirecting him to them but he either plays with them for a few secs or doesn't at all, comes back to the skin. Help, we are worried about zoro.

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