45 Animal Fake Facts That Will Crack You Up

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With millions of animal species inhabiting the earth, it’s reasonably safe to say that the animal kingdom is pretty intense and strange. Believe it or not, there is just so much you don’t know hitherto about our non-human equivalents. For speciman, have you ever heard that prairie pups react one another by kissing? Or that scorpions brighten under UV light?

While most of us enjoy learning this sort of fact , no one can forbid us from creating alternative floors to the already strange macrocosm. Because why not? As long as you don’t mess with and impairment mom quality, there’s no one who can stop you from having a little laugh at its tiny initiations and the quandaries they get involved in.

Apparently, that’s what people who gather in a subreddit announced S ** ttyAnimalFacts are doing. People pick the cutest, funniest and most adorable videos and photos of swine and pair them with ‘facts’ that realize the whole ordeal very funny to move past by. Although no one in any way is stating that these ‘facts’ are true, a good giggle is guaranteed. Already intrigued? Scroll below to read them!

# 1

Sea Turtles Are Not Angry At Humans For Ocean Pollution. They Are Just Very Disappointed With Us

# 2

21st Century Cats Must Be Fully Charged Every 24 Hours

# 3

Chocolate Labradors Melt In Direct Sunlight

# 4

If You Wash Your Tiger To Often Its Colours Will Fade

# 5

Siberian Huskies Are So Hot That When They Touch Water, It May Instantly Boil

# 6

The Ocean Get Its Saltiness From The Tears Of Misunderstood Sharks Who Just Want A Cuddle

# 7

In 2005 scientists at Seoul national university managed to cross dog with seal. Sadly, the only specimen that endured to adulthood was born blind

# 8

De-clawing your cat will lead to them becoming more aggressive. And they become very resourceful about finding replacements for their missing claws

# 9

Some Dogs Are Known To Disguise Themselves As Platypuses, Usually For Tax Reasons


Red Pandas Are Known Fans Of Dragon Ball Z And Can Often Be Seen Re-Enacting The Fusion Dance


Jaguars Make Very Poor Lifeguards. Nearly 90% Of Animals They Save From Drowning Die Of Neck Injuries Afterwards


The Platypus Is The Only Mammal Known For Its Exhibitionism


Never underestimate a cat’s dedication to wake you up in the morning. Here “youre seeing” one who rescued their owner after an avalanche in order to get fed


After the popularity of the “Longcat” meme in 2006, New Delhi scientist Itisha Catashnek began a highly controversial breeding program, injecting feline sperm with serpent DNA. In 2015 she succeeded.


After Migrating To Northern Hemisphere, Australian Spider-Cats Need Over One Month To Adopt To Local Gravity


Using live traps to get rid of opossums has begun to backfire as the opossums are using their prison time to get jacked, realise them more powerful than ever when they get back on the streets.


Of All Sunbathing Species, On Average Seals Have The Highest Levels Of Self-Confidence


Welsh farmer Amaethon Jones from Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch spawned the longest cow on earth. Sadly, the cow is very self-conscious about her segment and refuses to be photographed in its entirety


Land Urchins Can Instantly Grow Extra Limbs


All royal Canadian organized police on active obligation will be issued an official beaver companion begins in 2018. A small-minded scale study determined active office beavers facilitated reduce aggressivenes and 78% of people who encountered the beavers indicates that they felt “More Canadian” afterwards.


One Toner Is Usually Enough For~ 10,000 Goats. When You Goat Looks Like This You Know It’s Time For A New Cartridge


Bengal Tigers Are Avid Fishermen Who Constantly Boast About Size Of Their Catch


A Pupper Becomes A Doggo When It Finally Catches Its Tail.


Hippos Tend To Overestimate The Effectiveness Of Their Camouflage


Watchtower Cats Have A Smaller, Secondary Head On Their Back Which They Can Extend To Oversee Complex Situations


Survival Of The Fittest Is Often Displayed In Bears. Here A More Dominant Bear Absorbs A Smaller Bear To Become Even Larger


When In Heat, Rhinos Will Try To Impress Small Waterfowl By Revealing Their Full Plumage


Unlike Humans, Swine Universally Recognize That We’re In A Climate Crisis, And Have Doubled Down On Mass Transit


Many Sheep Can’t Understand What All The Blackface Commotion In Canada Is About


If A Bear Cub Feels Disgusted By Meat And Instead Chooses A Purely Vegetarian Lifestyle, It Is Known As A Wombat


Since criminals begun applying taught mouse as couriers for sim cards, USB remains, and drugs, especially in prisons, the FBI has established a feline department in 2005


The Consistency Of Rabbits Was The Inspiration To Inventing Memory Foam

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Hummingbirds Grow On Trees


Ducks Will Start To Melt At 90 deg F


New field studies received information that cats with solid pitch-black hairs opt Canada geese over cars as mode of transportation for medium distances


Puppies Of Sufficient Cuteness Have The Ability To Defy Gravity


Instead Of A Mint, Some Hotels Leave A Small Rodent On The Pillow To Accommodate Canine Guests With Chocolate Allergies


In 2015 a produce planned began injecting sea strider DNA into embryos of german shepherds, resulting in bird-dogs that are in a position literally saunter on water.


Having A Tiger Hazard Is The Latest Thing In Golfing


World’s Smallest Adult Bear Discovered In Hawaii


Adolescent Reindeer Are Referred To As Drizzlefawns

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Always Be Wary Of Missionapiaries


Certain Breeds Of Hamsters Can Be Used To Read 3.5 Inch Floppy Disks

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