4 Month Old Still Waking Up Between 3-4a

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My 4 month coonhound is consistently waking up between the hours of 3-4a to go #1 and #2. Every now and then he will sleep through the night but I am hoping someone has any suggestions for this to happen more consistently.

This all started because he wasn’t making it through the night. I’d come down (after trying to have him cry it out) to a baying hound with both #1&2 in the cage with him. We have gotten to the point where MOST nights the cage is dry but we still have the occasional #1 slip up and when I let him out after that, he immediately goes #2.

I take him on walks after dinner, stay up late (midnight) and let him out, but no luck. I have tried feeding him dinner on the early side (4p) as well as the late side (7p) and it doesn’t impact the outcome. The rest of housebreaking is going at a hounds pace… he is now signaling when he needs to go out and we are down to the occasional accident.

The only common thing that I have observed are the nights he sleeps through are nights when we have company over. These two things may be completely coincidental.

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