4 month old pup has no interest in treats while she’s outside. How can I train her to heel/not react?

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Our pup is not very food motivated. She will do tricks for treats inside and is generally pretty easy to train, but once she’s outside, the distractions and her general anxiety remove whatever interest she has in eating treats. We’ve tried plenty of high value treats (deli meat, chicken, cheese, peanut butter, etc.) but whatever effect they have inside evaporates as soon as we get her out the door. Even if we can get her to eat them outside, she doesn’t seem to really care. It really frustrates me when people say “if you think your dog doesn’t respond to treats, you haven’t found the right one!” We’ve tried it all!

She shows a lot of signs of anxiety when she is outside (tail between her legs, pulling back home, whining) so we’re trying to strengthen the idea that outside is a fun place by feeding her treats, but most of the time she won’t take them. How can I train her to enjoy her walks more and pay attention to me without the use of treats? She is also totally stubborn and won’t take a treat if she knows we are trying to trick her, like if I’m trying to coax her to the door to go outside.

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