4-month-old Labrador-Pitbull scared of barking dogs while walking

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We live on a main road, where a lot of cars, bicycles, and people pass by. She's been excellent at avoiding these noises, and mostly listens to me and my commands. But heres the thing! My puppy can only walk 1 house away from ours (left and right) and she tends to stop at certain spots. Another problem is that we have neighbors who have dogs in their garages that would bark constantly at us, and it makes her scared and would pull at the leash to run back home. I've tried bringing her farther away from home (a corner away), but she tugs insistently home. I've constantly given her treats (sometimes with a clicker) and tell her she's doing a good job. I've tried walking in the early morning, and sunset so I'd know what she liked best. I don't know how else to help her! 🙁

What can I do to make her like walking more? Should I change my routes?


4-month-old labrador-pitbull

Knows 5 tricks + potty-trained

Has 4 of her 5-in-1 shots and anti-rabies shot

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