4.5 yr old coonhound with no bladder issues is peeing ONLY ON THINGS WE SIT ON aka bed and sofa

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We have had Ruby for 2 years. Got her over 2 years ago as an adult. She was totally emotionally damaged and has come a long way, but she still does weird stuff….

…..like pee on my 3,000 mattress and brand new couch!

These are not isolated incidents. When we first got her she probably peed on our bed and my old roommates bed 10x. She’s also peed on our couch.

Since then, we have replaced both of these items.

We just moved into a new home and while we were packing up….she peed on our couch (while we weren’t home but while we were in process of moving things over)

We get to new house and o come home yesterday and she peed on our bed! Granted, bedroom door should have been shut but my husband must of left it open.

There are strict no couch rules for both of our dogs. And they are allowed in the bed to snuggle but that is it. They sleep on there own beds and are perfectly content.

Because ruby is such a weirdo…. I say that lovingly 🙂 She’s my favorite dog I’ve ever had. I’m assuming and have researched that this probably has to do with anxiety.

She gets plenty of exercise, plenty of attention and is generally a super happy, loving, normal dog. But we cannot seem to put this peeing on things behind us!

I know ppl will say to crate her, it’s out of the question at this point. She’s so good with everything else and my other dog isn’t crated that I’m not willing to go this route.

What should I do? Am I doing something wrong? Anyone else go through something similar?

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