4 1/2 month Beagle and he still pees in the house and gets aggressive when trying to pick him up and when he doesn’t get what he wants.

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I got him at 6 weeks and it’s been utter hell. I love him to death and he has his good days and his bad but the worst part right now is the biting. I can’t get him to stop biting when trying to play with him and I recently moved in with my girlfriend and her family and he bites everyone. He even drew blood from my girlfriends hand the other day. I tried create training but I don’t know if I’m doing this right and for the most part all I’ve “trained” him to do is sit. He also gets aggressive and snaps whenever anyone tries to pick him up when he’s doing something wrong or if I try to take something out of his mouth that he shouldn’t have. Lastly I don’t know what I’m doing wrong with potty training. I take him out as soon as he’s let out of the crate and 20 minutes before and after he eats or drinks anything and then right before bed. He’s usually outside for upwards of 20 minutes and I’ll watch him poop and pee and then he’ll come back inside and not even 5 minutes later pee again without having drank any water. I know these things take time but I just need to know if I’m doing something wrong or what I could improve on training wise. Any advice on training and getting him to calm down a bit with the biting and aggressiveness would be great. Thank you all for reading.

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