34 Girls Discuss The Perks Of Being A Girl

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1. I dont have to do any employment during sex.

Being able to merely revalue being imbued, whilst the male does the hard work. Too, “they dont have” pres to stop my emotions inside.

2. People are nicer to me in general.

I recollect beings are nicer to women in general. Beings generally impound the door longer for me, are quicker to pick up concepts that I’ve ceased, go out of their way to get/ got something that I’ve asked for.

3. I can pretend Im pregnant to get a bus seat.

Sometimes I persist my stomach out actually far and claim I’m pregnant to get a seat on the bus.

4. I can hide gras in my genitals.

The cooter is a great place to hide your weed.

5. The disgusting, meet, liberating, cleansing apprehension of point shits.

The disgusting, gratify, liberating, purifying look of stage shits. Also, in a strange channel, I like my period and my overall cycle.

6. I can remain stuffs on my boobs.

Boobs to rest things on.

7. I dont have to worry about the social repercussions of farting.

99% of the time, we don’t have to worry about the social repercussions of farting.

8. I can medicine constipation by persisting a thumb in my vag.

If Im taking a shit and theres that little bit thats hard to get outyou can stick a thumb up your vag and push through the( fairly thin and flexible) wall between your vagina and anus and get onto out.

9. I always get offered a seat on a crowded bus.

Im not extremely attractive( only average ), but I almost always get offered a seat on a mobbed bus. Then again perhaps they believe I’m pregnant?

10. No one can tell when Im aroused in public.

No one can tell when I’m aroused in public!

11. No one suspects that Im the one who farted.

No one suspects you when you silent-but-deadly fart in a cramped room.

12. I enjoy the rid of boobies from the vise that is my bra.

The unsticking of balls can compare to the liberate of boobies from the vise that is the bra.

13. I can be buck-ass naked and still have a pocket.

Hiding little things in my vag, nature’s little pocket.

14. I can have multiple orgasms.

Multiple orgasms.

15. No one asks me to help them move.

I’ve never been asked by a pal or relationship to give up my Saturday to help them move.

16. Thrift storages favor me.

Shopping at thrift accumulations. Women get rid of sooooo much more dres so there’s always a giant pick for me.

17. I can sit down to pee.

I actually revalue sitting down to pissing and if I have to poop I’m already sitting down.

18. I can use my boob as a smartphone stand.

Using boobs to maintained telephone near my face while laying on berthed so I can speak if any important letter arrives without moving my hands. Carrying heavy stuff but offsetting the weight with my hips so it’s little heavy or rest that event in my hip if you can’t exactly put in on the flooring or anywhere near.

19. I can be unemployed and not seen as a loser.

Women can be stay-at-home-moms and not be seen as a loser.( For “the worlds largest” part-there’s these working groups who thinks it is all bonbons and soap operas, of course .)

Never thought about it until an employee at a friend’s errand cease to be a stay at home pa for his toddler and elementary schooler instead of wielding. Apparently everyone at the number of jobs considers this follower to be a big lazy loser who won’t” follower up” and do “real” piece, and think he’s even more of a loser because his wife had to go from toiling pt to ft so he could do this.

An even more unfunny thought is that the friend caught up with this person a duo months after “hed left”. He detests being a stay-at-home-dad and wants to go back to work.

20. I can get a pedicure without it accommodation my sexuality.

Shaved legs is a popular one, but what about a pedicure?

There’s no better feeling than the slight arousal from that little Chinese lady whittling away at your nasty underfeets and watching the skin particles swim to the storey. Its so satisfactory and feels soo good. Especially when she beats out the cheese grater on those coarse puppies.

Don’t even get me started on the red-hot towel calf massage … Men are truly missing out.

21. I can get horny claim after cumming.

I can jerk off and enjoy about 10 instants of enlightenment and ended peace of mind. Then the horniness starts kicking in again.

22. I can wear clicky ends at work.

I get such a supremacy trip when I’m wearing clicky ends at work.

23. I can hide small objects in my vag.

Being able to hide small objects in your vagina.

24. I can scrape my legs.

Shaved legs acquires wearing tighter apparel super comfortable. Fortunes of men contemplate women tight attire is awkward, but they’re not taking into account the effect of hairless legs. For that are important, scraped legs draws loose clothing enormous too.

25. I can make my hands between my boob to warm them up.

On those solidifying cold winter darkness, cleavage is warm. When my hands are cold i applied them in between my boobs to warm them up. It is the best.

26. Secret lady boners.

Secret lady boners. No one can tell if I’m turned on or not, very useful as a stripper.

27. I have a huge wardrobe.

Really, the fluidity of dress. I can dress in 1940 s femme fatale one moment, a sassy sundress the next, and then put on a camouflage shirt with army boots and throbs without anyone altering a head. I feel like boys don’t have that same flexibility.

28. I love performing better than soldiers at work.

The fun part about working with sexist animals is that, as a woman, acting precisely a little better than “theyre expecting” is enough to impress.

29. I shall determine more blood in this life than any man.

I shall encounter more blood in this life than any man.

30. I dont have to fix anything myself.

Female: the ability to con a boy into fixing something so we don’t have to do it ourselves or pay for someone else to it for us. For illustration, If I necessitated my windshield wipers changed and didn’t want to do it, just ask a person to do it and most of them would be glad to help. Meanwhile, if I asked a girl for help, I would have beset to no end. Wives are bitches.

31. I can support heavy objects on my hips.

If I need to carry a large or heavy objective, I’ll carry it with one hand and substantiate it on my pelvis. Same with carrying newborns, laundry baskets, a 30 pound box of frozen fries( I work in a kitchen) and continue my other handwriting free. Humankind use both hands.

32. I know the baby is mine.

Knowing you are definitely the biological parent from conception.

33. No, seriouslyI KNOW my baby would be my baby.

I KNOW my baby would be my babe. It’s more socially acceptable for women to be adventurous with their mane and their invests. Dressing up is course more interesting!

34. Ive gathered a long, long list

My partner and I are minuscule lesbians, so we’ve gathered a long listing of the reasons that being small( er than the opposite copulation) is one of the greatest benefits of has become a madam:
We down behavior less food and invest less on groceries
Airplane accommodates are never extremely cramped
I’ve never’ ducked’ my method into a car
I fit quite comfortably on a single sized bunk, but we often shared one during college with minimal relinquish. Now anything bigger tones fairly spacious. King sized couches are like immense dominions, I have to sought for the edges.
Fancy dinners only really knock us back 15 to 25 horses each, since we can easily split an entree and the occasional dessert and feel satisfied.
Can’t contact top shelves in grocery store without clambering them like a freak.
Usually takes us one to two tries each to open a cup. We legislate it back and forth.
Difficult to learn handy neighbourhoods to store the profusion of stools in a small apartment.
The buster at the liquor store actually made I might have been 14 years old.

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