31 Days of Happiness Countdown: a new must-watch Christmas classic.( Day 20)

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Thanks for stopping by for Day 20 of Upworthy’s 31 Days of Happiness Countdown! If this is your first see, here’s the gist: Each day between Dec. 1 and Dec. 31, we’re sharing floors we hope will bring joyfulnes, smiles, and laugh into your life. It’s been a objection time, so why not discontinue it on a high note? Check back tomorrow( or click the links at the bottom) for another installment !

Back in November, Sia exhausted an utterly joyful Christmas album with psalms about puppies, kissing underneath the mistletoe, snowmen, and of course, Santa Claus. While the whole book is fitted with the types of music you’ll want to listen to cuddled up on the lounge with a goblet of hot chocolate, it’s actually the video for one chant in particular — “Santa’s Coming for Us” — that moves the album a perfect winter treat.

The video stars Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, Henry Winkler, Susan Lucci, and JB Smoove, as they dance around a house in preparation for a big holiday party with a majorly retro( in a great way) vibe.

As Bell dances around the house, lip synching the song’s words, Shepard flub with the Christmas lamps and hastens to get happens ready for their clients, getting a little bit of the assistance of Winkler at one point.

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