3 Year Old Yellow Lab with Attachment Issues

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Back in early March we rescued an English Yellow Lab. She had originally been abandoned in a house a few states away and we believe they bred her for at least one or two litters of puppies.

After animal control found her, she stayed with them on hold for a couple of months before being taken by a lab rescue several hours away. She stayed with the rescue for about a month before we adopted her.

She clearly has attachment issues. And anxiety. Rightfully so! But she is so afraid of being abandoned again that she won't listen when given basic commands like going outside or getting off furniture. For example, if we've been gone for an extended period of time, we will let her out of her cage and she refuses to go outside because she's just so thankful we came back (😭). When we do finally get her outside, she will not do her business until we come out and indulge her in affection for at least another half hour or so.

She cannot do simple things like catch and shake. She even struggles with the difference between sit and lay down. I know it's somewhat a fear response. When she thinks she's in trouble or is getting a firm correction, she instantly freezes and hits the floor with her tail curled in. She almost always turns over into submission. And partly because she loves belly rubs.

My other concern is that she doesn't play. We can give her a bone to chew on, but it doesn't keep her interest for very long. We've tried many different toys. She doesn't seem to take to anything. No stuffies or ropes. No tug of warn. For a retriever, she sure doesn't retrieve much lol. She will tear up a tennis ball and enjoy that. But otherwise, it's torn up quickly and then she's just done.

I'm not sure where to start anymore. I will toss a ball and she comes right to me seeking affection, not even noticing the ball. I just want her to be happy and confident. The only thing I could think of to build her confidence was to try doggie day care as she seemed to do well with other dogs according to the rescue.

I would be incredibly grateful for any advice!

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