3-year old Mini Aussie – Lots to do

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So I (They/Them) got this Mini Aussie when he was about 6 months old. He will be 4 this upcoming June. I’m afraid I haven’t been training him like I should have. He is my first dog and I lived at home so there are some nuances that I’m learning since I moved into a dorm building for college.

He knows how to sit and go down, and sometimes stay. He is pretty well potty trained, and only struggles or has accidents if I forget to take him out soon enough or don’t notice his cues.

He doesn’t do well on a leash and has taken to leash biting. He likes to jump onto strangers legs and gets excited when seeing other dogs, taking to barking. I know most of these are my fault, since I indulge him and some strangers indulge him.

I don’t know where to start with his training. I’m not usually in class, and have taken him to the dog park and he does mostly okay.

I’m afraid I’m a newbie when it comes to dog training and will take any help I can get. Thank you if you take the time to reply to this post.

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