3 month old puppy nipping, growling

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I know this is a basic question and I’ve looked high and low. We have a 3 month old male neutered dachshund Pomeranian (or chihuahua, not sure), got him last Saturday the 27th! He was mostly calm and skittish at first but since around Monday he’s been a little crazy! I’m working from home and trying to get him on a schedule. I think he plays too much and gets very overexcited and hyper due to being overtired but not wanting to stop playing. He will get some zoomies, bite our fingers, the couch, etc. I’ve seen tips for putting a hand under the collar and distracting with toys but those haven’t worked really. If I pull away to take the attention away, he bites the couch or his harness so I can’t actually leave him be to teach him the lesson that biting = play time is over. He just keeps going and going. He growls occasionally (mostly at his toys when biting them and sometimes at me – I tried to pull an acorn out of his mouth and he growled, but usually he “play growls” and his tail is usually wagging). I’m just (a) afraid that he could end up stress I’ve and (b) not sure how to fix the biting, nipping, hyperactivity. How much exercise does he need? What calm games can we play? How can we calm him down when biting and running around?

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