3 month old puppy can’t seem to hold his pee

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Hello, I have a 3 month old Cavilear King Charles Spaniel. I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment, and the vet advised me to keep him away from the grass (because it's an apartment with lots of other dog) so I have been using a grass pad on my balcony. He is catching on that he is to pee on it with very few mistakes, he will even indicate to me, sometimes, that he needs to go out side. But he can barely hold his bladder for 15 mins. When he is kenneled he can hold it for up to 5 hours and he hasn't had an accident in his kennel for 3 weeks.

At this time he is just over 6 lbs. I have already ruled out and UTI or medical issues. He does have a small heart murmur so I can't nuder him until he is 7 months old. I am giving treats when he goes to the bathroom, I attempted to phase them out but the accidents started again.

I have helped train another dog just like him and he was able to hold it up words of 2 hours it and was fully potty trained in 2 weeks.

Any suggestions on how to correct this behavior.

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