3.5 Month old Maltese frustrations

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We’ve had our Maltese since mid-July. He was about 10 weeks when we got him. He’s incredibly challenging or maybe all puppies are like this? I don’t know where to start to deal with everything that we need to address. If you know of good resources or have suggestions, please share. I am exhausted/frustrated/angry all the time and that’s not good. 1. He won’t come when called despite us working on that regularly. He runs off toward the road. We put him on a leash when we walk him but not in the backyard. What are your tried and true methods for getting them to come/stay? 2. He bites. We’ve tried scolding, time outs, putting him in his pen-no luck. 3. He pees hourly. We can’t leave him unattended outside his pen/crate or he’ll pee in the house even though he goes all night without needing to pee. 5. He eats mulch and bugs and worms and leaves and anything on the ground.


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