20 Hilarious Animal Posts On Tumblr That’d Make Anyone Giggle

These epoches, politics have parties partitioned more than ever. However, if there’s anything we are to be able will be voting in favour of, it’s funny animals!

There’s something about assigning human features to animals that’s enough to make anyone snicker, but these animal uprights from Tumblr truly take the cake. If you’re having a bad era, they’re all you need to turn your frown upside down. Just don’t accuse us if everyone in the role wants to know what you’re giggling about!

1. That took me longer than I’d like to admit.

2. Oh, Frank goodness!

3. Eventually, a feline that gives his hinder.

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4. Hello sweet forest pupper.

5. I can precisely hear their tiny singers!

6. “Seriously, Robert? We’ve talked about this.”

7. Hedwig would be ashamed of you.

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8. Severely though, who doesn’t want to be a lion?

9. “You think it’s funny now, but these will be destroyed by morning.”

10. All aboard the panda express!

11. “He’s right behind me, isn’t he? ”

12. Slow the fluff down!

13. He likes zebra booties and he cannot lie.

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14. Scheming the collapse of cats , no doubt.

15. “Dishonor on you! Dishonor on their own families! Dishonor on your cow! “

16. “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

17. There’s no such act as too many lizards.

18. Plant a seed, get a floof!

19. “Oh, you want to speak to the manager? That would be me.”

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20. Only Tumblr could diagnose a medical mode this serious.

( via Bored Panda)

Thanks for the chortles, Tumblr! You’ve prepared my day.

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