2 yo lab mix very pushy for attention (she gets plenty) and feels need to lay on top of gf when we have cuddle time.

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When we settle down for TV time in the evening we allow my newly adopted 70lb lab girl to lay on bed with us as long as she asks nicely (sits) to get on the bed, however once she's on the bed she is very demanding for pets IMMEDIATELY and will work herself into a frenzy to get them, she also constantly is pushing my petite gf out of her way on the bed and/or force her way on top of my gf in some shape or form, she doesnt have these behaviors with me alone though. We go on daily walks through the neighborhood and spend hours on play and training after I'm off work or on the weekends. Does anyone have any suggestions for stopping the pushiness so that she will quit hurting my gf accidentally in a quest for constant attention?

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