2 year old dog still scavenges on walks

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Help! My 2.5 year old golden retriever is a great dog but every once in a while she goes into scavenger mode and will eat whatever is on the ground before I can say drop it or leave it. What can I do to get to pick less stuff off the ground?

I get it, she’s a retriever, they are mouthy—what can I do to prevent it before she gets to the stuff on the ground? I swear she swallows things before I can say drop it. She’s got a good drop it; like even after she swallowed whatever she’s picked up she will try to spit out whatever is left in her mouth…but I need her to be less trigger happy about picking it up in the first place.

Please help me. She’s my first dog and I’ve had her since she was 9 weeks old and this has only cropped us as an issue now that she’s 2.5 years old.

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