2 1/2 year old dog lunging and barking on walks

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Our dog has always been super friendly to other dogs and people and is a major sweetheart to anyone he knows. Now when it comes to strangers recently while out for walks this has changed. This summer he got attacked while out for a walk by an off leash dog and since then has been very defensive when people and dogs walk past him. He has recently started laying down on all fours flat to the ground in a ready to pounce position. Then as anyone gets close he’ll shoot up and starting barking.

He’s a medium sized dog, about 45 lbs and is pure muscle and has a loud bark so it understandably scares people. We live in a city and a neighborhood where there are a lot of dogs and people walking so just turning around generally isn’t an option. I can control him but it’s a struggle and I’m a 220 lb person, but I’m worried about my wife or mother in law when they walk him if he’d lunge and they couldn’t pull him back quickly. Any training ideas?

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