19 things I trust with women’s health more than this room full of men.

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The future of health care in the U.S. hangs in the remaining balance, but there’s no need to worry. After all, we have top souls working on it right now emphasis on “men.”

As the House of Agent works on crafting a replacing to the Affordable Care Act, the internet couldn’t facilitate but notice just how overwhelmingly male the bill’s architects seem to be.

For example, take this photo of Vice President Pence meeting with members of the House Freedom Caucus:

Women make up half the population and will almost certainly appear the consequences of whatever statute get delivered “bigly, ” which represents it various kinds of funny that there aren’t any women involved in this conversation.

A group of men ending what’s best for women makes about as much sense as leaving these types of selects in the handwritings of…

1. This ferocious beast

2. A bale of twigs

3. A litter of puppies

4. A single ripe banana

5. A batch of seagulls

6. A Flock of Seagulls( the band)

7. A batch of pencils

8. The 1973 Miami Dolphins

9. These hardworking deer at the office

10. A rock band of grandmas

11. This business pug

12. This elephant on a tightrope

13. Robots

14. A progeny going a farm animal

15. A small fish with big-hearted ambitions

16. These rebellious children

17. A bowl of mashed potatoes

18. This family trying to make sense of a hospital bill

19. Or a pond floaty.

( If merely there were some women around Congress who could have been consulted …?)

Leaving wives out of the negotiation process is specially heinous given that one of the main issues being discussed in that photo above was whether to gut events like maternity leave and prenatal care.

The Affordable Care Act considers these services “Essential Health Benefits“( EHBs ), a word that includes situations like maternity and prenatal care as well as preventive care like mammograms and Pap tests and, you know, just a bunch of things that pretty directly change a whole lot of women.

Earlier this month, Rep. John Shimkus( R-Illinois) deplored the fact that EHBs represent soldiers have to purchase schedules that handle prenatal caution. Sen. Pat Roberts( R-Kansas) sarcastically joked, “I sure dont require my mammogram benefits taken away, ” when asked about the possibility of scrapping the EHB requirement.( He subsequently apologized .)

Essential Health Benefits are space important, parties! If we’re going to be redefining what “essential” means, that dispute has to be open to more than just a handful of guys.

Over the coming dates, weeks, and maybe even months, our members of Congress are going to be considering situations like this( and often, much more ). And while there’s nothing we can do to influence who’s in “the room where it happens, ” we can all use our singers in other practices. For speciman, you can call your representative to make them know they should leave EHBs alone, utilizing a service like 5 Calls. Or you have been able fax your members of Congress applying Resist Bot to make them know you’re not on board with a plan that they are able to bump as numerous as 24 million people off their insurance.

It’s up to all of us to manufacture our express heard. After all, if you’re not OK with the business pug making decisions about your health care, then what makes a area full of men any more qualified?

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