18 Men Confess The Things They Envy About Ladies

1. multiple orgasms

Multiple orgasms!

2. internal sex organ

Not having your sexual organ outside your figure. I certainly envy the vagina, penises suck.

3. no public erections

Being able to be majorly aroused in public without a bulge in the breathes moving it obvious.

4. wearing makeup

Makeup. Currently watching my girlfriend do her little sister’s and her friends’ makeup for a disco and the metamorphosi is wild.

5. long hair

It’d be cool if I could proliferate my mane long without having to justify it to people who ask the same stupid the issue of it over and over.

6. no ejaculation

No ejaculation when orgasms result. Fucking hackers.

7. they’re allowed to coo over babes and puppies

Women get to lose their thinkers when they envision a cute child or puppy. I have to standing there and just smile but inside I’m ricochetting around like a toddler.

8. chick drinks

I’d like to be able to order a cran-apple-berry-razza-tini without having to use my whisky expres. Chick sucks are delicious.

9. being allowed to show feelings

Being socially allowed to show detects in public. Not having to constantly expresses concern about being creepy when around female sidekicks even if doing the same events that they do. Not being maligned for exposing excitements( even to close friends ). Being able to work with young children without being instantly suspected of being a pedophile. Being able to wear a dress comfortably.

10. so many clothing options

Women get to have so many garb alternatives, I’m stick of simply having gasps or abruptlies as an option.

11.$ ex work

I envy a woman’s ability to make a living selling used underwear and feces online. No one’s pining for my jizz crusted boxers. 😛 TAGEND

12. clitoris envy

The clitoris seems. I require one.

13. women and children first

Women and children first. Hey, perhaps I want to live, too.

14. massive subscribe network

I am a person. I have issues. I have nobody to talk to about these issues. It seems like the girls can have a better fortune of talking to someone.

15. not being considered expendable

As a male I’m expendable. Girls are, like it or not, regarded as the’ weaker’ sexuality. They are to be protected while humen are to do the protecting. If there’s a lifeboat with 5 fannies on the board and I’m one of 6 parties on the sinking boat, I get to go down with the ship. If there’s another world war, I’m expected to sign up for service. In hindsight, I don’t waste that much time on carries and there’s probably( hopefully) not going to be another world war. But this still sucks.

16. being allowed to cry

Being able to cry and have the upper hand in a situation.

17. no performance anxiety

No pressure when having sexuality. You can precisely enjoy it where as I’m under so much pressure to delight/ last long enough.

18. one word


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