18 Hounds Acting Like The Big, Adorable Babes That They Are At Heart

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No matter how old-fashioned your pup becomes, they’ll ever be your baby…it’s pretty much science.

Maybe your puppy is 15 years going on five months, or is 110 pounds and insisting that she’s still as light as a feather — either way, though, they know that no matter what their birth certification or the vet’s proportion pronounces, they’re forever young.

Here are simply a few examples of how our pooches are just big babies at heart.

1. That doesn’t even gaze comfortable.

2. “This is where I’m safe.”

3. “The other pups were teasing me.”

4. Mom has to shower him with plows when Mr. Teddy goes to the washing machine.

5. He wishes the idea from the top.

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6. When she doesn’t was sleeping, they were required to take her for a drive.

7. “We’re ready for our lullaby, ma.”

8. “Just watch me.”

9. All babies are expert flee artists.

10. She just learned about shadows…

11. He can’t fall asleep without it.

12. “Can you buckle me? “

13. “OH, OH! Do the bouncy act! “

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14. “Okayyy, but you’re next.”

15. “More mashed peas, satisfy! “

16. “Where’s my binky ?? “

17. “The cat articulated I smelled funny.”

18. “But…I didn’t get my bottle yet! “

I’ll just leave this here…

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