17 startling photos inspired by one woman’s infinite love for her pup.

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Anne Geier rescued her first dog, Cindy, on Dec. 11, 2007.

Anne had just gotten divorced, and she had a big point: capture instants and generate portraits of Cindy that would last-place a lifetime.

Anne wanted to improve her photography, extremely, so that meant enlisting more “dog models” like Cindy. Lucky for us, other baby owneds were happy to oblige and now we have some amazing portraits of cute puppies loving this tumble weather!

Sadly, Cindy died in August 2016. She was 14 years old. But the destructive loss fueled Anne’s desire to dive even further into pet photography to aid others commemorate their pet’s lives.

“Cindy was the perfect model she was anxiou, patient, and always graceful, ” Geier reads. “Cindy “ve been meaning to” me everything and cant say to you how joyous I am that this magnificent dog comes within the framework of my life for the last eight years.”

Here are 17 of Anne’s most adorable puppy descriptions, in honor of Cindy :

1. Mesmerizing, isn’t it?

2. The colors, the background so much beautiful going on here!

3. This is so stately, it nearly looks just like a classical painting.

4. The most cute peek-a-boo ever.

5. There’s no concealing that treasured face in this beautiful photo.

6. Is that pooch hugging a tree? I believe so. Melting…

7. It doesn’t get much more beautiful than this.

8. This is what you call a “happy accident.”

9. No statements. Just look at those faces!

10. Bubbles, bubbles so many froths. Simply perfect.

11. Wow! Another photo that gazes just like a painting

12. Extra places for posing with a flower treetop. Good girl!

13. Another glad collision. You can’t project a butterfly property on a cute little schnoz.

14. Two paroles: simply stunning.

15. A black hound examining off into the distance never appeared so serene.

16. Yes. This is an actual photo. My psyche is blown, too.

17. Saving the best for last-place with these two cute pooches snuggling. You’re accepted.

Anne encountered her rage in life, and she alleges she has her beloved dog to thank.

“I precisely owe her so much. She was the reason why my whole life changed. Just to appoint a few things, since Cindy was in my life I wasted much more time in nature, I became a well balanced party, I discovered my rage[ for] photography . … In short, she ended my life, ” she says.

Pet photography requires a very special decide of knowledge: a good attention, clevernes, and a whole lot of fortitude. And Anne( who’s are stationed in Austria) appears to have all three excellences. The proof is in her amazing photos of hounds enjoying all the ponders nature has to offer. She even offers tips-off to anyone interested in trying pet photography.

Plus, these photos are simply a beautiful celebration of how much our hounds affection us and how much they adoration the autumn .

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