16 week old puppy – Potty questions

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Hello, My 16 week old, male labradoodle is awesome. We've had him for 3 weeks and we love him so so much.

He's pretty good about not barking and he's pretty chill actually. We are having some issues with potty training and so i have a few questions.

1) We just switched to feeding twice a day (3/4 cup). He poops 2-3 times a day now. That normal? (Core Puppy grain free chicken recipe)

2) Because of his accidents, i started letting him out every 30-40 minutes. He has now made it a max of 3 days without an accident. Am I teaching him not to hold it? When he has an accident now it's like 20 minutes after going out. He can hold it overnight for like 8 hours too.

3) Would it be a good idea to put his crate in the living room for a couple days and have him in there, when not outside? Is that a good training plan?

We've never potty trained a dog and want to make sure we're giving him the best chance to succeed.

Thank you

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