16 month old pup – involuntary muscle movement

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Hi there. I have a 16 month old shih tzu mix named Ollie.

A few months ago I noticed that when I touched him on a certain spot on his back, his muscle there would almost like… involuntary react to my touch. I don't know if it's necessarily a spasm but it would react/move and then go back to normal.

I didn't notice it again for months but lately it's been happening again in the same place. We have been extra active lately and I'm wondering if it's because of that? He doesn't seem to be in pain – he doesn't yelp or growl (which he normally does when he's in pain), and doesn't seem to be bothered when I touch him in those areas. He's not having trouble walking or jumping up on couches or anything like that either.

We go to the vet on May 17th for a lepto booster and wondering if this is something that can wait until then or if it sounds more serious? TIA!

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