16 month old new "accident" issues

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Hi, I've posted here before and always received great feedback, so hopefully that holds true. We have a 16 month old rescue that we got just about a year ago (not sure of breed, but she's 50lbs, probably like 2 ft from ground to her back). She's been so good with house training, and we haven't had issues of her pooping or fully peeing on the floor. Initially, when new people came over and she was excited, we'd have some instances of "sprinkling." Typically it happened when she was amped up, and someone bent down towards her to pet her or engage. She would shrink back a bit and sprinkle. We say "no" and take her out, give the command for pee "do your business" and praise when she did it outside. So far, she's been getting a lot better with this. We've had a few random people doing work in the basement a few weekends, and other than barking no incidents.

However, over the past two weeks or so, she hasn't met me at the door like she normally would. The first day it happened, she was on the couch in what I call "stealth mode", low to the surface, tail wagging, crouched and ready to go. So I approach her to check on her, and she springs off the couch while letting out a sprinkle. So the next few days when I came home and found her like this, I just ignore her, do what I need to do, then take her outside when she calms down. OK no problems, working. Today I come home, she greets me at the door in "stealth mode" and I just LOOKED at her to acknowledge her and she sprinkled on the floor! So I give a sharp "NO" and she crouches again and pee a bit. I then took her outside, she did her business and I praised her for it. Im not sure what's happening. Is she afraid of me?? I don't hit her or anything. I just want to help her not make this little issues. I know I had posted before and someone said that until she's 1.5-2 yrs old and still doing it not to worry, but she was doing fine and now it's this whole other situation that wasn't a problem before.

Please any advice?? If you need more info or anything I can update, I just don't want to overload.

Thanks in advance!!

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