15 weeks young and scared of going for walks in quiet places.

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Hi folks

I have a beautiful black and gold boy, he's gregarious and inquisitive.

We've done a lot of socialising with him, introducing him to many people, dogs and places with no bad experiences for him that I'm aware of.

He's happy in towns, cities, fetes and social situations.

He's happy to walk with the pack… Dogs we look after,my partner and her son or whomever is along for the walk.

The problem we are having is that he gets very nervous and doesn't like going for a walk with just one of us in a place where there are no other or very few living organisms.

He'll walk about 30 metres and then wants to go back to the vehicle or house.

It's very upsetting, he's such a beautiful boy and I really want him to enjoy walking but he doesn't seem to embrace it.

I don't force him, I try to encourage him positively to walk with treats but even high priority treats don't work as he shows little interest due to his state of high alert.

Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.

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