15 week old puppy still not getting potty training?

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I feel like I’m losing my mind. I got my husky mix almost a month ago and I started potty training him in my apartment. He was only there for a few days though, as we went on lockdown and I decided to stay with my mom until I could go back to work. We’ve been training here ever since, and he’s made some progress. However, he has since become best friends with my moms outdoor adult dog, and now every time we go out to pee, he demands we play for hours and hours. Most of the time I will sit outside with him and let him play off his leash because he does good about not running off since he’s terrified of literally everything except me and this other dog, and even she scares him when she barks. So we will sit out and play and as soon as we come back in, he begs to go back out. Even if he just peed right before I bring him in, he still wants back out and sometimes he’ll even pee insides minutes after he peed outside. I try to separate potty time from play time, but I find when I do take him out strictly to pee and bring him back in, he pees inside almost immediately. He has a crate and we do practice crate training. Him peeing outside isn’t the problem, I can get him to pee outside any time, it’s just that he seems to not be understanding that he’s ONLY supposed to pee outside. Is this just normal puppy behavior? Should I quit letting him play outside for long periods of time? I need tips.

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