15 Concepts Tougher Than Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler

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He did it again.

Monday night, in the midst of his squad going beat at home by a rookie quarterback playing in only his second NFL tournament, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler removed himself from activity because of a thumb injury.

In the NFL, you simply cannot do this.

Tuesday morning, former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark assembled the situated of ESPNs Mike& Mike evidence to talk all things football, and of course they got around to talking about Jay Cutler and how hes perceived as a dude who simply doesnt give a shit.

Speaking on Cutlers decision to deem himself incompetent to resume playing Monday night against the Eagles, Clarke said something to the effect of, This is football. everyone plays hurt.

Ive never played a single NFL down, but I have a hunch most musicians past, current and future suppose Ryan Clark is absolutely right. Dudes are putting their own bodies on the line after every snarl, and for the quarterback, someone who is supposed to be the heads of state of the team, to simply dispense with and say he cant participate is downright pathetic.

Something same happens between Jay Cutler in 2011, when reports seemed to suggest he took himself out of the NFC Championship Game against the Green Bay Packers with an obvious knee injury.

Cutler came under fervour from love, the media and abundance of other NFL participates, including his teammates.

Can you accuse them, though? When it comes to the NFL, dudes lucky enough to make it to the pros rule all week for a chance to go out there and dedicate it their all for three hours.

When your crew captain doesnt want to do that, it expresses volumes.

Mike Greenberg of Mike& Mike tried to build the notes that if Jay Cutlers thumb was messed up, and he couldnt comfortably view a football, wouldnt you preferably have someone out there who could play the position unhindered?

The three former NFL actors on the ESPN set gave the simple-minded, unified explanation: No.

So, in the interests of Jay Cutler being an internet meme and softer than Cottonelle, check out 15 things tougher than the Chicago Bears quarterback.

1. A first point math test

2. A soaking paper bag

3. The sour ointment in your burrito

4. A Tempur-Pedic pillow

5. Kittens

6. Puppies

7. Clambered eggs

8. A slew of freshly smoothed leaves

9. Ice cream

10. Marshmallows

11. Buttery biscuits

12. Tissues

13. Soup

14. A silk robe

15. Entenmanns Soft Baked Cookies

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